If you’ve been longing for a chance to reconnect with God in prayer while learning how to serve your neighborhood and the nations, join us for an upcoming Prayer Weekend. Team Expansion stages these gatherings because we believe God intended all along for us to pursue a love relationship with Him and, while doing so, make a difference in the world in which we live. Yet in today’s society, it’s really easy to gloss over prayer. God wants us to spend time with Him — and engage with others while doing so. That’s what these prayer weekends are all about. In the past, they have taken place at Emerald Hills, our 61-acre retreat center, on the outskirts of Louisville, KY. Two thirds of the property is wooded and very serene, offering you the capacity to experience God on His own turf, the wonder of nature. But this next Prayer Weekend will be unique: It will take place in the inner city that is the “West Side” of Louisville. It will stretch us and prepare us for the future — and for our town too.