Prayer Weekend 2017 will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Imagine an evening on the 12th floor of a major hotel in the middle of a city of a million people, praying for all the twinkling lights below. Imagine being trained for a service project on Saturday morning, then implementing and engaging throughout the afternoon in a crowded inner city.┬áBy the time the weekend is over, you’ll have prayed over Louisville, advocated for the homeless, touched lives torn by strife, and, all the while, load up on a TON of practical ideas to take home to your town too! Prayer Weekend Spring 2017 will rock your world — and might just help you rock your town as well.

  • See with God’s eyes
  • Love with God’s heart
  • Serve as God’s hands and
  • Go as God’s feetto your neighborhood and to the nations.

I feel God is here. You can feel His presence all around you.

prayer weekend attendee

Love, love, love. Can't wait to come back.

a prayer weekend attendee

I feel that this weekend will help me connect prayer with love -- and putting it all into action.

a prayer weekend attendee

Definitely a much needed life changing experience.

a prayer weekend attendee